Our NEHANET CRM  is a specialized On-Demand/On-Premise BPM Solution!

Which allows High Tech Manufacturers, to improve revenues and profitability by driving efficiencies in business processes across their Sales, Manufacturing, Operations, Support and Marketing functions.



NEHANET delivers an integrated, completely customizable CRM solution that seamlessly ties together data sources within an organization, including channel partners, to provide a complete actionable view of each your Accounts, Contacts, Action Items, Opportunities, and Customer Visit Reports. The system is easy to implement, learn and use and allows your team to be up [...]


Annual Operating Plan

The NEHANET Annual Plan system extends the information in opportunities, sales history, and forecasts into a comprehensive planning process that gives everyone a chance to build the plan for the year, define objectives, and get consensus on a final set of financial plans that can be executed. It provides market information, product line data, [...]



NEHANET Channels allow you to bring out the best in collaborative, social learning and sharing across all members of your extended organization and ecosystem, all done through a secure environment that you control. Unlike typical social networks that run off a “Personal Networks“, NEHANET Channels help you achieve Competitive Advantage by driving collaboration and [...]


Custom Applications

NEHANET has almost every type of module function a sales team could want but if you need something special or tailored to your particular workflow or information needs, our Custom Applications service can create it to your specifications. DO YOU NEED TO Stop being frustrated with your CRM because it isn't quite [...]



Having all the data is good but being able to see at a glance what is important, where you are against the plan and where you need to focus your attention is what makes it all work. Dashboards let you set up reports or charts that show what you want to see quickly and [...]



The NEHANET Problem Escalation System is a powerful support tool designed to increase customer satisfaction and reduce support costs. Your customers will benefit from a closed loop, fully trackable, easy-to-use system for communicating their important support issues to your team, including Customer Support, Field Apps Engineers, Field Sales, Engineering, Operations and Marketing, for follow [...]



The FAQ Knowledge Base system is a powerful on-line support tool designed to assist customers, field applications engineers (FAEs) and external partners in finding answers to technical questions quickly and easily. It is also an excellent resource for educating employees, channel partners, and customers. With an easy-to-use interface, this self-help tool effectively leverages your [...]


Gross Margins

Executives need to show not only what the future revenue looks like which is much easier with a good forecast system but they also need to predict Margin and profit for investors. NEHANETs Gross Margin System projects gross margins based on inventory, forecast, and costs from your financial planning system. You can see what [...]


Inventory Management

Inventory Management is critical to control costs and provide world class service to your customers. NEHANET's solution captures not only the inventory you have but also what is sitting out in the channel so you can optimize the total inventory situation to fit the needs for your customers and your P/L. DO [...]


Outlook Integration

NEHANET'S Outlook Add-in module lets you synchronize emails, contacts, opportunities, Activities, Tasks and Meetings easily between Outlook and the CRM system. Everyone will be able to see CRM information inside Outlook and the databases will all be linked so communication internally about needs to close business is all orchestrated in the Outlook environment and [...]


Partner Portal

The NEHANET Partner Portal gives your channel partners secure yet partitioned access to the information they need to help you run your business. You can grant your channel partner end-users access to all NehaNet modules that you are subscribed to, and can control what actions these users can perform on those modules. The Portal [...]



The NEHANET Product Lifecycle Manager (PLM) system offers Product Managers and Marketing a centralized product database that can capture all product attributes securely and make them available to different constituents on a secure partitioned basis via different mediums such as the website, the CRM system or other systems. The entire product lifecycle can be [...]


Product Catalog

The NEHANET Dynamic Product Catalog is a low cost way to deliver a Dynamic Product Catalog to your customers on your website and give your Marketing people an easy way to update and publish product information. Catalog views can be tailored depending on the role of the viewer to restrict certain parts or to [...]


Product Selector

The NEHANET Product Selector delivers the best in self-service web-based product selection to boost customer loyalty while minimizing impact to your resources. The internet accessed system allows your customers, channel partners and field teams to quickly and easily find a product based on their specific criteria without making a phone call or sending an [...]


Production Planning

Production Planning is complex for businesses with long leadtimes and volitale customer needs. The NEHANET Planning system builds a good forecast based on all the historical and current customer information and then interfaces that demand outlook with the inventory and build plans your operations people work with in their ERP system. Linking the demand [...]


Sales History

The NEHANET Sales History Tracking solution allows you to upload sales data from your ERP system. By integrating key sales information such as end customer, part, price, quantity, inventory and shipment information, you can align your field sales forecasts and production plans to accurately meet product demand to achieve revenue targets while minimizing inventory [...]


Stock Rotation

The NEHANET Distributor Stock Rotation module allows Manufacturers to manage their Channel Inventory efficiently by providing a real-time visibility to how much material is already in the channel. The system ensures that the returned stock goes through a predefined acceptance process before a credit is issued. The approval process can be automated and email [...]