It’s almost 2017!

Are you ready and is your team already driving to make it happen or are you like most people with an expensive, disappointing, time consuming CRM investment who are going to stop for a couple of months while you review and negotiate the plan for the year.

  • If you had world class CRM the picture would be clear and the plan would clear and tied to customer plans that sales builds over the year.
  • Your frustration doesn’t have to continue and you should stop wasting time and money on a second class sales – customer management process.

If your current CRM hasn’t given you what you need and you want to start running your business the way the leaders do, we need to talk about the NEHANET Strategic Partnership Program. It will let you pay for results and get them, AND you won’t have to live with Excuses forever. It will help you enable the team to win with the information they need – when they need it without getting buried in data entry and reviewing forever without action.

We see clients struggling with CRM systems every day. They bought or developed a system where they have to pay for a lot that doesn’t bring value, force fit a generic system to fit their business, and subscribe annually. To make it really fun, they have to force salespeople to enter reams of data instead of selling and sales doesn’t really feel like they get a payback for the effort. The software fees are huge and you have to pay even more for added modules or 3rd party solutions to make it work for you. You have a constant struggle with bad data in bad data out. You’re frustrated and your team hasn’t really adopted it and usage is driven by reviews you have to do to get it sorted out.

We have an alternative – NEHANET’s Strategic Partnership Program (SPP) will let you shift responsibility to us to make it all work and get you what you need to build a proactive growth operation that will make you a leader and build customer satisfaction you can depend on. You get Results and not excuses and your team is driving sales to succeed.

When you work with NEHANET’s SPP you get the industry’s most comprehensive, domain specific CRM system available in the market. We share the cost with Free implementation in the first 30 days and reduce your costs by taking ownership in achieving the results you need – increasing revenues, improved margins, faster time to $$, happy customers, getting the ROI you should from R&D and marketing investments, and keeping your team laser-focused on beating the AOP.
We will get you up and running quickly and you don’t need to wait for the contract of your current CRM vendor to run out, we will let you start without cost until that obsolete system expires. You don’t need the buy-in of your team or worry about the resistance they may put up, we will show them how it makes their lives better and increases their customer success making them enthusiastic supporters.

I would like to talk with you about the NEHANET Strategic Partnership Program to show you how we can make it happen for your team with a very cost effective- pay as you scale, scale as you grow and pay for success CRM system that makes a real difference to the way your business works and the results you get financially and with your customers. We have all the modules you could imagine to run your business already integrated and proven. We are taking our Strategic Partners to the next level with “Strategic Source” CRM solutions that you can deploy in the Cloud or in house, on the desk or mobile, and where you pay for the workflow improvement and financial results you achieve. NEHANET is a partner in your success and will have skin in the game to get the results you need to grow.

The NEHANET solution offers a completely integrated CRM system covering all the critical elements you need to run your business that integrates seamlessly to your ERP system and was designed for your type of business. It includes:

  • Accounts, Activities, Contacts, key Account Planning, and Call Reports
  • Forecasting that integrates to sales history and ERP system
  • Opportunities and activity management to win the business including Emails and Escalations
  • Marketing and Social media Campaigns, PCNs and managing Leads to convert them to opportunities
  • Channel management for Reps, Distributors, and direct sales
  • Split Commissions, Goals and Commission consolidation
  • AOP development, negotiation, finalization and monitoring
  • Parts, Cost, Pricing and Price Minimums, Margins –
    • Information by Part Families, Product Lines and Business Units
    • Sales management by account, person, geography, channel, business unit
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Quotes, Debit, DPA Exposure
  • Design Registration and follow up to the order
  • Documents management, presentation library for sales and training
  • Orders, Order Plans, Shipments, Stock Movement, Manufacturer Inventory, Distributor Inventory
  • Distributor POS
  • RMA – Requests, approval, and closure
  • Samples – ordering, approval, and follow up to convert to $$

Please contact us if you have time to talk in more detail about how the NEHANET Strategic Partnership Program can change the direction of your team and turn frustration into excitement.

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