While most industries are global and need to deal with managing customers in multiple locations, the complexities in the semiconductor and components industries are increased significantly through the inclusion of multi-level sales channels and design-in partners. The sales management team needs to coordinate activities between their direct sales team, their manufacturer representatives and their distribution partners — often across several geographic regions. The marketing management team needs to coordinate pricing through these same channels, while maintaining consistency and margins. Support and operations teams are also tasked with supporting these channels. The sheer volume of information flow as well as the tremendous coordination that is required leads to the need for an information and business process management system. Most often, CRMs are expected to provide the solution to keep everything coordinated and focused on winning.

Considering the role sales channel partners play in the sales process, it is critical to coordinate activities as early in the sales process as possible. Channel partners, due to their broad exposure to customers in their region, play a role in prospecting, lead generation, account information gathering and account development early in the sales process. NEHANET’s base CRM module is designed to integrate sales channel partners from the beginning of the sales process and includes capabilities you will not find in generic or general purpose CRMs.

NEHANET’s channel partner integration begins at the account management level. When entering account information, NEHANET provides the ability to integrate manufacturer reps and distributor firms as well as the associated individual contacts for each directly into the account information. This information is then automatically carried through to all additional modules utilized by our end customer. Whether this includes quotes, forecasting, samples, split commissions, ship and debits, POS tracking or any of the 24+ modules available from NEHANET, the rep, distributor and associated contacts automatically link to the account and the information automatically populates in entry forms such as opportunities, quotes, and forecasts.

Use CRM to Help your Channel Partners Drive Success Before an Opportunity Exists

Utilizing NEHANET’s cost-effective partner portal, rep and distributor contacts can directly attach documents, request quotes, request samples, register designs, and enter call reports, activities, and events.  All of this information is automatically associated with the account and opportunity and is entered via online or offline access. All responses to the information or requests are automatically delivered to the appropriate channel contacts. Everyone has the same information 24/7, based on his or her roles and responsibilities. Additionally, through the partner portal, each user has a customizable homepage, which is an ideal area for providing partner management information. You can also use this homepage to provide the latest product news, show what other partners are doing to provide best practices training, and set individual action items and follow up or MBOs.

Sales channel partners are a key part of the sales process. The sharing of information, the ease of creating and accessing this information, and the responsiveness created keep the sales channel partners fully engaged and give you insight into how engaged they really are. This is a tremendous benefit to your company as a fully-engaged sales channel is an effective sales channel. Additionally, your internal resources will be more efficient as information clutter created by excessive emails and notes from phone calls, for example, are greatly reduced. You will have access to more accurate and timely information, allowing you to make better decisions and achieve greater success!

Leveraging years of experience and industry best practices, NEHANET provides the only complete CRM/business solution designed from the ground up to support Manufacturers, Reps and Distributors. Take advantage of solutions designed for the way your business works.

During this series of blogs, we will look at specific business processes where NEHANET’s solutions can have the greatest impact.

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