The standard structure for semiconductor and electronic component sales channels includes direct sales, manufacturer representatives, and distribution. The external sales channel, including manufacturer representatives and distribution channels, can account for up to 90% of sales generated by a company in these industries; therefore, the importance of properly engaging these channels is undeniable.

Sales Channel Management: A Necessity for Semiconductor Companies

The challenges of managing these sales channels include gaining mindshare, keeping the channels engaged, keeping the channels well trained and informed, and perhaps most importantly, rewarding the channels for the success they create. Specific tasks required to achieve these goals include coordinating account management and opportunity tracking, relationship building and maintenance, marketing messaging and value propositions, training, quotes and pricing, and the logistics of managing and rewarding the channel. Most general purpose or generic CRMs are not well-equipped to manage these tasks, particularly how they relate to the Semiconductor and Electronic Components industries.

NEHANET provides a complete set of industry-specific modules targeted at delivering solutions in each of these areas. One of the key differentiators of NEHANET’s solutions is their modular design. Each NEHANET module can act as a standalone solution; integrate with any leading CRM or ERP system or as a part of NEHANET CRM+ system integration. NEHANET modules that offer support for managing the Sales Channels include:

  • Account Management
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Global Forecasting
  • Quote Management
  • Sample Tracking
  • Order Management
  • Partner Portal
  • Design Registration
  • Distributor POS Management
  • Ship and Debit
  • Split Commissions
  • Stock Rotation/Inventory Mgmt
  • Lead Tracking
  • Global Pricing
  • Problem Escalation
  • Return Materials Authorization
  • Online Training/Certification

Each of the modules listed above integrates manufacturer representatives, distributors and/or partners as part of the out of the box solution. A standard configuration can contain any combination of these modules, allowing an end user to tailor a solution to their needs, minimizing cost and maximizing ROI. For example, if you only sell through direct sales and manufacturer sales representatives but you also desire a better forecasting solution, you can customize a solution that contains Global Forecasting, Quote Management, Sample Tracking, Design Registration and Split Commissions. This solution could be stand-alone or tightly integrated into an existing CRM or ERP system, providing unparalleled cost to functionality ratio and ROI. If in the future, you decide to add distribution to your sales channel, you simply add Distributor POS Management, Ship and Debit and Stock Rotation/Inventory Management. NEHANET also offers partner portals, to allow your sales channel direct access to specific modules they need to provide data to you and Online Training and Certification, ensuring your channel partners are always up to date and well trained on the latest products, sales strategies etc.

NEHANET’s Sales Channel Management solutions are designed to keep your sales channel engaged, efficient and informed, which leads to greater mindshare, higher performance and increased revenue growth.

During this series of blogs, we will look at specific business processes in which NEHANET’s solutions can have the greatest impact.

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