Many CRM systems provide forecasting solutions for business that are single event sales of a system or software package, or box. These expertise-based businesses forecast when the event will happen and its value BUT what if that is not your typical sales model?   Generic CRMs have forecasting solutions that perform well at providing an environment for single deliverables but are not designed for recurring deliverables or run-rate forecasting. This is one of the reasons why forecasting with spreadsheets is still so prevalent in these industries today. Trying to make it fit your business is going to be costly and never works well.

Run Rate Forecasts: Forecast the Way your Business is Run – Can your CRM do that?

NEHANET’s Global Forecasting is designed based on our expertise and experience in the semiconductor and electronic component industries. We have combined the knowledge of NEHANET’s team, customer inputs, and industry best practices to provide an optimal forecasting solution for the semiconductor and component industries.

NEHANET’s Global Forecasting provides:

  • 24/7 online access to the forecasting tools and reports so you can make adjustments easily
  • 12 months to 60 months run-rate forecast
  • Generate multiple forecasts for sales, marketing, operations etc. to get different points of view and make it easy to avoid problems
  • Integrate shipments, backlog and annual plans from any ERP system so you know what has happened so far and don’t have to find it
  • Workflow rules allowing lockdown and rollover automation
  • Auto-fill capabilities for units, ASP and confidence % so you don’t have to fill it all in, you just have fill in the places it changes
  • Analytics including waterfall analysis so you can see how accurate you have been and how good your doing
  • Integrated Reporting

NEHANET’s SaaS based Global Forecasting module can uniquely act as a standalone solution allowing you to import and export data from Excel or other spreadsheet in CSV format. The integrated reporting provides analytical and reporting capabilities without the need for integration into a larger CRM or ERP system. This ability is critical for customers looking for a forecasting solution only, and we provide that solution stand-alone if needed.

Similarly, NEHANET’s Global Forecasting module can also be easily integrated into an existing CRM or ERP system or as a part of a broader NEHANET solution. This flexibility provides an industry specific forecasting solution regardless of systems that may or may not be currently in use.

NEHANET has eliminated the most common road blocks companies in the semiconductor and electronic components industries face when looking to move to an automated SaaS based forecasting solution. Whether you need a standalone solution or a solution integrated into a current CRM or ERP system, NEHANET can help. Contact us today to see how we can take your forecasting to the next level and get it set up to drive your business.

During a series of blogs, we will look at specific business processes in which NEHANET’s solutions can have the greatest impact.

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