CRMs is in today’s market are designed for general usage and for a broad range of customers.  While this is beneficial for the CRM vendor, this often leaves the customer with a solution that only partially meets their needs.  This is especially true for the semiconductor industry, which has several unique complexities associated with its sales channel. In fact, the complexities of sales channel management, global selling and managing multiple locations for a single design often render generic CRMs incapable of providing a complete solution to the Manufacturers, Reps and Distributors.  Let’s take a look at a few examples were generic CRMs fail to meet the industry’s requirements.

The semiconductor industry utilizes multi-level sales channels that add to the complexity of tracking opportunities, forecasting, managing quotes, managing samples as well as creating new complexities such as split commissions, POS less tracking and ship and debits.  While generic CRMs can tackle some of these issues through the use of general concepts such as teams for opportunity management, they cannot approach the depth and complexities of the required to truly manage these processes.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Using Generic CRMs with a CRM Built for your Business

Customers are often left with few choices to solve their most critical business processes.  These choices include a high level of customization within the generic CRM or utilizing outside vendors and third party applications to manage processes not well covered by the generic CRM.  These choices can lead to high expenses both indirect cost, through customization expenditures, and resource costs associated with managing multiple vendors and not having a single vendor responsible for bug fixes, upgrades and data integrity.

NEHANET’s business solutions designed specifically for the Manufacturers, Reps and Distributors, solves all these issues by providing both a full CRM and business process suite as well as highly integrated add on packages for industry leading CRMs such as  Utilizing NEHANET’s modular approach, one can customize an add-on package to address specific processes not well covered by their CRM, minimizing customization costs and maximizing return on investment.

During a series of blogs, we will look at specific business processes were NEHANET’s solutions can have the greatest impact.

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