Gain Mindshare from your Reps: Keep them Engaged; Ensure they are Rewarded

The key to having a successful sales channel is making sure external partners are engaged and rewarded for their success. Creating this environment requires great communication and an accurate way to track, record, and monitor business activities. Additionally, transparency — allowing partners to judge what their current and future revenue streams will look like, can have a tremendous impact on gaining and maintaining mindshare. NEHANET’s Sales Channel Management solutions provide this and more.

NEHANET’s Sales Channel Management solutions are designed to help you become the manufacturer of choice among the representative network. Ensure the work your Reps perform is tracked and that they are justly rewarded using Design Registration and Split Commissions modules. Improve your responsiveness to quote and sample requests using Quote and Sample management modules. Keep them engaged using Call Reports, Activity Management, and Opportunity Tracking modules with integrated reporting. Create transparency and visibility into future earning through the integration of the Split Commissions and Forecasting Modules. Utilize the homepage to keep your reps updated on the latest company news, share success stories, highlight new incentive programs, or re-enforce value propositions. Provide your reps with the tools they need to generate greater success and make more money with online training and certification.

Here is a list of modules that can help you bring value to your rep network.

  • Account Management
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Global Forecasting
  • Quote Management
  • Sample Tracking
  • Order Management
  • Partner Portal
  • Design Registration
  • Split Commissions
  • Lead Tracking
  • Global Pricing
  • FAQ KB
  • Problem Escalation
  • Return Materials Authorization
  • Online Training/Certification
  • Home Page

One of the key differentiators of NEHANET’s solutions is their modular design. Each NEHANET module listed above can act as a standalone solution; integrate with any leading CRM or ERP system or as a part of a NEHANET CRM+ system integration.  Modules are designed to share key information between them to reduce data entry requirements and provide optimal functionality. Customers have the ability to select any individual or combination of modules to create a system that meets their exact requirements. Future expansion is as simple as selecting the additional module(s) needed.

During a series of blogs, we will look at specific business processes  in which NEHANET’s solutions can have the greatest impact.

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