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Steps to Increasing Sales Revenue per Resource

Number 4 on the list from my VP of Sales survey is improving sales revenue per resource. Reducing resources, unfortunately used too often these days, was eliminated from my thought process as the intent of the VPs was clearly to grow sales and make resources more effective.

The true value in this task for a CRM solution is implementing a granular sales process (see accelerating opportunities), analyzing opportunity movement through the sales process, and analyzing where inefficiencies exists. Examples may include:

  • Average 3 weeks for sample device and code delivery, milestone 4 in stage 3.
  • Certain sales people have trouble moving opportunities from qualified stage to sampling stage
  • 99% of opportunities that remain in stage 2 for more than 3 weeks before moving to stage 3 are lost

Based on my discussions, research and personal experience the key steps in increasing sales revenue per resource are:

  1. Implementing a real time information system — CRM was most popular.
  2. Developing and implementing a strong sales process.
Steps to Increasing Sales Revenue per Resource