Process Management

The Importance of the Annual Operating Plan

As a CxO, can you afford earnings surprises? Don’t you need to give the Board accurate projections for next year and meet them? Won’t your shareholders reward you if you could do that? Don’t you need to plan for the coming year and not just manage reactively? It might be a cliché — but failing [...]

The Importance of the Annual Operating Plan2022-08-21T20:16:58-08:30

Forecast made easy- Integrating with ERP/MRP to pull in shipments and backlog

NEHANET is integrated with many leading ERP/MRP solutions including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Tensoft, Consona and others. Integrating NEHANET with your ERP is usually straightforward, and adds significant value to your operations. We typically pull in the following information from your ERP: parts master, customer master, actuals (shipments), backlog (requested, committed, delinquent, unscheduled), bookings and risk [...]

Forecast made easy- Integrating with ERP/MRP to pull in shipments and backlog2022-07-31T19:52:47-08:30

3 Critical Components to the Sales Funnel

To manage the sales funnel you first need a process that captures the new business opportunities in an organized, concise way.  Capturing opportunities is one of the core capabilities of a good CRM system and the opportunity capture capability of your CRM can make managing the sales funnel a manageable process [...]

3 Critical Components to the Sales Funnel2022-06-19T19:46:07-08:30

Forecasting Distribution Business using POS

Groups managing Channel business need to provide financial forecasting information to give guidance about future revenue, inventory, and customer outlook on major parts of the business. To simplify this process, Channel management teams manage large customers as specific customer programs with product, program, and forecast plans that give insight to the product lines and [...]

Forecasting Distribution Business using POS2022-06-12T20:49:16-08:30

Inventory Management is a Key Driver of Business Success and Customer Satisfaction

Inventory management is essential to providing customer satisfaction and optimizing financial performance for an electronic component manufacturing business. The way to create satisfied customers is to deliver products they need on time and every time. Unfortunately, one way to keep your CFO happy is to keep inventory as low as possible.  Balancing these to demands takes a sophisticated system that [...]

Inventory Management is a Key Driver of Business Success and Customer Satisfaction2022-05-11T19:53:52-08:30

Key Metrics to Optimize Inventory Management

When you are managing a complex electronics components business you need to hold inventory to offset the manufacturing lead time that it takes to supply products. For semiconductor products that manufacturing cycle time can be 12-15 weeks -- so holding enough inventory to be able to supply customers is critical. The trick is to [...]

Key Metrics to Optimize Inventory Management2022-04-27T07:28:56-08:30

Real Time Key Performance Indicator Sales Management!

Summary Building a plan that drives goals for the organization is just the first step. By integrating the AOP system with CRM and Financial systems we deliver a fully integrated KPI management solution that shows you where things are going off track in real time. Instead of depending on Quarterly reviews to find out [...]

Real Time Key Performance Indicator Sales Management!2022-03-30T23:39:07-08:30

Are You Evaluating Leads Effectively?

Marketing works hard to build market awareness, make business developments and new products visible to customers, and manage the external communications programs so critical to building a successful company. One of the difficult problems the management team struggles with is making sure the leads that marketing identifies get handled efficiently and turned [...]

Are You Evaluating Leads Effectively?2022-03-30T23:16:54-08:30

Rules, Rules, and More Rules…

The right business rules engine can make all the difference in a successful implementation that mirrors closely to your existing processes. Any business process is driven by a set of rules -- if a customer is on credit hold do not accept new orders, move accounts from one salesperson to another, check [...]

Rules, Rules, and More Rules…2022-03-21T07:29:29-08:30

Why Your Opportunity Management Isn’t Effective

If you have an opportunity tracking system, one of the things you need to do is to get salespeople to input opportunities so you can track what is going and build some kind of outlook about what to expect in the future as a result of all the sales activity taking place. [...]

Why Your Opportunity Management Isn’t Effective2021-01-21T08:11:50-08:30