Santa Clara, CA – June 01, 2017 – NEHANET Inc., the leading supplier of Specialized Business Management Solutions for the Electronic Components industry today announced Release 16.07 with significant functionality that leverage the latest technologies.

Version 16.07 allows NEHANET to offer a Platform Plus solution from the ground up making it much easier to provide systems that give our customers just what they need and want without having to compromise capability at a competitive cost.

NEHANET has consistently offered Business Management Solutions that now includes over 40 modules to support almost every stage of the customer acquisition, engagement, and opportunity conversion process from leads to orders booked and shipped. Platform Plus builds an interlocked, scalable system and the new Version 16.07 makes the system significantly easier to scale and interface with other systems going forward. It also makes it easy to incorporate many of the new technologies such as AI and Machine Learning that will become essential tools enabling sales executives to engage with new business opportunities and get them closed and shipping faster.

The new release offers much more responsive user interfaces, native JSON interfaces and interoperability, comprehensive security/access control modeling, sophisticated data visualization, and machine learning capabilities. NEHANET continuously updates the system codeline, unlike competing solutions that have been running for years on old code lines.

“Providing the most up to date capability to our customers has always been one of NEHANET’s strengths and this is just the next step in the evolution of customer support. As we take advantage of the capabilities of our new platform you will see many exciting new features and benefits that will deliver real benefits and make a difference in the way Electronic Components businesses run. “ said Ankur Sharma CEO at NEHANET.

About NEHANET Corporation

NEHANET is in the business of delivering Operational and Financial outcomes that directly impact the business success of our customers. With an extensive domain expertise in electronic component manufacturing businesses and sales processes, NEHANET has created Business Management solutions that support sales and marketing processes that fit the workflow of electronic component manufacturers. NEHANET is a trusted partner and takes ownership in delivering a sales management solution tailored to your business needs that delivers real financial outcomes.

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