Santa Clara, CA – June 15, 2017 – NEHANET Inc., the leading supplier of Specialized Business Management Solutions for the Electronic Components industry today announced a new Artificial Intelligence driven Opportunity Scoring solution.

With today’s data analytics and new AI computing capability our Business Management Solution is now able to not only capture opportunity information but, by applying Opportunity Scoring power from AI, help you make sure you are focusing attention on the business opportunities that you have the best chance of winning. AI applies industry experience, best practices, historical information and data on similar business situations to provide an assessment of which opportunities have the best potential outcome. Management expectations about sales closing opportunities is influenced by many things – what they hope will happen, who is managing the opportunity, business pressures, and competing demands for priorities and investment. The Opportunity Scoring offering provides an unbiased comparison between potential new business opportunities that will help everyone make better business decisions. “This expansion of our AI capability into Opportunity Scoring significantly increased the value we can offer our customers. AI is a powerful tool and we expect to see it continue to help us deliver financial outcomes that make a real difference for our customers.“ said NEHANET CEO Ankur Sharma.

About NEHANET Corporation

NEHANET is in the business of delivering Operational and Financial outcomes that directly impact the business success of our customers. With an extensive domain expertise in electronic component manufacturing businesses and sales processes, NEHANET has created Business Management solutions that support sales and marketing processes that fit the workflow of electronic component manufacturers. NEHANET is a trusted partner and takes ownership in delivering a sales management solution tailored to your business needs that delivers real financial outcomes.

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