Santa Clara, CA – March 16, 2015 – NEHANET Inc., the leading supplier of Specialized Business Management Solutions for the Electronic Components industry today announced integration with MailChimp.

Sales and Marketing teams are continuously trying to communicate with customer contacts or potential customers by sending information newsletters, emails, notices, reports, or other documents with email. Our integration with MailChimp makes it easy to identify target audiences for different types of messages and automate campaigns to get the information out and capture who responded to the message so you can identify potential leads or customers needing additional information. Integration with our Business Management Solution keeps all the contact lists, customer discussions, and sales activities all organized and coordinated so you get the highest impact in the market.

“By integrating MailChimp, we have been able to automate campaigns for our clients and help them communicate much more effectively while ensuring that sales is able to use the campaigns to effectively grow the business.” said NEHANET CEO Ankur Sharma.

About NEHANET Corporation

NEHANET is in the business of delivering Operational and Financial outcomes that directly impact the business success of our customers. With an extensive domain expertise in electronic component manufacturing businesses and sales processes, NEHANET has created Business Management solutions that support sales and marketing processes that fit the workflow of electronic component manufacturers. NEHANET is a trusted partner and takes ownership in delivering a sales management solution tailored to your business needs that delivers real financial outcomes.

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