Santa Clara, CA – September 1, 2016 – NEHANET Inc., the leading supplier of Specialized Business Management Solutions for the Electronic Components industry today announced a new Annual Planning Solution to take the pain out of the Annual Planning Process.

Built to take advantage of the depth of information in the Business Management Solution powered by NEHANET, the AOP Solution consolidates all the historical and current data about customers, products, margins, and forecasts to builds a reality basis for the generation of the coming year’s AOP. Setting top-line goals, building a macro and micro plan, and driving to a final plan that is achievable and acceptable is built up by all the key team members in a structured process that is transparent and easy to use. The system ties it all to real business data including customer outlooks, product introduction plans, and historical perspectives to let you develop a plan while keeping actions and commitments clearly defined so everyone knows what to expect and what they need to deliver. When you are done you will have a complete sales plan, with a record of what the organization commits to do to make it a reality. Getting a plan done is the easy part, building consensus and commitment to execute is critical and that is what the NEHANET AOP System delivers.

“With the availability of comprehensive customer and market data, building a plan that the team has confidence in makes all the difference. The process of building the plan and keeping them tied to real business data makes is what makes the NEHANET AOP System so powerful.“ said Ankur Sharma, CEO at NEHANET. “The days of executives just forcing a plan on the team are over. My experience running Semiconductor Sales organizations has shown me that building a plan, keeping all the teams commitments for support on the table, and getting to consensus really improves the probability of success. With this solution you can get it done without stopping for a month to analyze, review, and discuss what to do.“ said John McCarthy, Business Development Manager at NEHANET.

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NEHANET is in the business of delivering Operational and Financial outcomes that directly impact the business success of our customers. With an extensive domain expertise in electronic component manufacturing businesses and sales processes, NEHANET has created Business Management solutions that support sales and marketing processes that fit the workflow of electronic component manufacturers. NEHANET is a trusted partner and takes ownership in delivering a sales management solution tailored to your business needs that delivers real financial outcomes.

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