“Do You Feel Like You Are Constantly Trying To Get Answers To Crisis”. If You Had A Sales Management Solution That Delivered Results You Would Easily Be On Top Of Things. Let Us Show You How To Get There.

Who Should Attend the Webinar?
CEO, CFO, VP Sales and Marketing, VP Operations, Customer Service Managers

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    Why should I attend this Webinar?

    • Learn how to get your CRM to work with operations to drive sales and meet marketing objectives to maximize growth and profitability.
    •  How to build an accurate sales forecast that operations can use.
    • How to get complete visibility and control of the operations process and couple manufacturing with sales to improve results. 
    • What will this Webinar Cover?

      • Running all aspects of a semiconductor or electronics business A-Z with an industry specific CRM and Operations solution.

      What Processes Will Be Covered?

      • Forecasting, Cost, Quoting and Pricing. Opportunities, Contracts, Account Plans.
      • Orders, Order Planning, Shipping, Invoicing, Inventory management.
      • Activities, Escalations, Documents.
      • POS, Shipments.

      What Should I Gain from this Webinar?

      • Actionable, Practical Steps to take to improve your Current Systems and Business Practices.

      What is Unique About NEHANET?

      • Your True Partner – Industry Experts with Deep Domain Expertise and Comprehensive   Understanding of Customers business challenges.
      • Vertically Specialized Solutions – Complete, Comprehensive, Integrated, Extensible – Built for the way your Business Works.
      • Global Partner – Software Solutions + Outsourced Data Services.

      What Differentiates Industry Leaders?

      • Drive to be a Winner – Run a Competitive Organization.
      • Adopt High Value, Comprehensive Integrated Systems that Really Work – High ROI with Low Risk at Low cost .
      • Drive Rapid Adoption – Rapid Conversion with Low Implementation Cost.