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Forecast made easy- Integrating with ERP/MRP to pull in shipments and backlog

NEHANET is integrated with many leading ERP/MRP solutions including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Tensoft, Consona and others. Integrating NEHANET with your ERP is usually straightforward, and adds significant value to your operations. We typically pull in the following information from your ERP: parts master, customer master, actuals (shipments), backlog (requested, committed, delinquent, unscheduled), bookings and risk [...]

Forecast made easy- Integrating with ERP/MRP to pull in shipments and backlog2022-07-31T19:52:47-08:30

3 Critical Components to the Sales Funnel

To manage the sales funnel you first need a process that captures the new business opportunities in an organized, concise way.  Capturing opportunities is one of the core capabilities of a good CRM system and the opportunity capture capability of your CRM can make managing the sales funnel a manageable process [...]

3 Critical Components to the Sales Funnel2022-06-19T19:46:07-08:30

Are You Evaluating Leads Effectively?

Marketing works hard to build market awareness, make business developments and new products visible to customers, and manage the external communications programs so critical to building a successful company. One of the difficult problems the management team struggles with is making sure the leads that marketing identifies get handled efficiently and turned [...]

Are You Evaluating Leads Effectively?2022-03-30T23:16:54-08:30

Rules, Rules, and More Rules…

The right business rules engine can make all the difference in a successful implementation that mirrors closely to your existing processes. Any business process is driven by a set of rules -- if a customer is on credit hold do not accept new orders, move accounts from one salesperson to another, check [...]

Rules, Rules, and More Rules…2022-03-21T07:29:29-08:30

Find Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities – and Book Them!

Finding and capitalizing on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities is a common frustration, so it was not a surprise that it landed in the top 10 list of areas that VPs of Sales in the semiconductor and component industries wanted their organizations to improve upon. One of the key issues I discovered in researching this [...]

Find Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities – and Book Them!2021-11-01T08:05:44-08:30

Don’t Keep Struggling with CRM – Sales Operations as a Service is the Future

A lot has changed since NEHANET started building its CRM solution 17 years ago. The explosion of big data and computer systems to turn information into action has changed the market and customer expectations more than we could have ever imagined when we started. But what does that mean for your business -- and [...]

Don’t Keep Struggling with CRM – Sales Operations as a Service is the Future2020-09-21T20:53:05-08:30

Reconciling Sales History (BBB) data to Opportunities

NEHANET allows you to reconcile your Booking, Billing, Backlog (BBB) data to specific Opportunities. If you upload your BBB data into NEHANET, NEHANET will automatically attempt to reconcile it to a specific Opportunity for you using the following rules: 1. We auto-reconcile where we can (i.e. there is only one Opportunity for that Customer/Part). [...]

Reconciling Sales History (BBB) data to Opportunities2020-09-17T22:47:37-08:30

Go Mobile with NEHANET Mobile

You can easily access the data in NEHANET from a mobile device (Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc). When you access NEHANET from a mobile device, we will direct you to a mobile version of the application which has: Quick Create: gives you a list of the modules configured for Mobile Access. Selecting [...]

Go Mobile with NEHANET Mobile2019-01-08T11:12:02-08:30