Learn From What The Industry Leaders Do To Manage Distribution

Who Should Attend the Webinar?
VP Sales, Distribution VPs/Directors/Managers

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    Why should I attend this Webinar?
    • Learn How Industry Leaders run their Distribution Businesses?
    • Fill the Gap between How your Process Works today and How it should Really Work?

    What will this Webinar Cover?

    • Running all Aspects of a Distribution Business A-Z

    What Processes Will Be Covered?

    • Quotes, Ship & Debit, Debit Claim, DPA Exposure
    • Design Registration, Distributor Price Protection
    • Distributor POS, Distributor Reported Inventory
    • Forecasting, Cost, Pricing.

    What Should I Gain from this Webinar?

    • Actionable, Practical Steps to take to Improve your Current Systems and Business Practices.

    What Differentiates Industry Leaders?

    • Drive to be a Winner – Run a Competitive Organization
    • Adopt High Value, Comprehensive Integrated Systems that Really Work – High ROI with Low Risk at Low Cost.
    • Drive Rapid Adoption – Rapid Conversion with Low Implementation Cost

    What is Unique About NEHANET?

    • Your True Partner – Industry Experts with Deep Domain Expertise and Comprehensive Understanding of Customers Business Challenges.
    • Vertically Specialized Solutions – Complete, Comprehensive, Integrated, Extensible – Built for the way your Business Works
    • Global Partner – Software Solutions + Outsourced Data Services