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Consistency is Key: Implement a Global Pricing and Quoting System

The semiconductor and electronic components industries have unique pricing requirements, driven by volume pricing, quoting through multiple sales channels, supporting multiple locations and buying organizations (customer, contract manufacturer, partner, etc.). To implement a global pricing and quoting program requires a tremendous amount of coordination, historical tracking, currency conversion, real-time price book management, and flexibility. In addition, the ability to integrate this complex pricing structure directly into a quoting system with an automated approval flow guarantees you will achieve consistency and maximize your margins on a global basis.

Ideally, you want the following for your business:

  • Strong historical tracking — providing support for a specific part/product family to a single customer or to all customers
  • Customizable price books supporting volume pricing
  • Support for multiple price books for different regions, customer type (strategic, tier 1 etc.), channel type and many more
  • Supports automatically releasing price books by time: For example price books by quarter or year
  • Integrated pricing authority settings based on role, utilized in quote approval flow in quote module
  • Automated responses to requestors when quotes are approved, improving response time and efficiency
  • Automated currency conversion
  • Integrated reports and analytics – know what price points are successful by customer, market region etc.
  • 24/7 online or offline availability
Consistency is Key: Implement a Global Pricing and Quoting System