When entering a new Design Registration from an Account page, the Account information does not auto-populate on the design registration form.

Leads and Design Registration module work differently from other modules. The fields at the top of the form are free form fields. So if you have a Design Registration form on your website, you can automatically fill in the Design Registration data in the CRM. The field that ties the Design Registration to an Account in the Account Master is the Customer field.


One reason they work differently is that Distributors often enter information into their own CRM systems and this information is then pushed to NEHANET; and the names etc do not match. The second reason is that you don’t want to expose existing customer/opportunity data to the distributor just because they are registering a DR. Instead, let them register the DR and let the RSM reconcile it. Then they will see it

You can access the reference Design Registration form under Settings->Advanced Configuration->Reference From section