The business proposition CRM companies sell is that you need to have data to know what is going on in your sales processes. They capture opportunities, emails, meetings, and forecasts – but you have to worry about whether it is accurate, meaningful, and up to date, so you have to review everything and endlessly question the salespeople to find out what is real and what is just hope.

Sales people spend a lot of time feeding the data monster but they usually don’t think they really get any value from the effort and often they feel like they are just asking for a lot of questions from management. They would prefer to talk to customers more and enter data less. On top of it all you have to be careful not to encourage them to be too optimistic or too conservative. Since sales are the only ones talking to the customers you have to trust them to make the right judgments without being penalized too much if they are wrong.

Your CRM data is only as good as the accuracy of the information sales shares – but why can’t it be better?

What if sales felt like they really got a lot of team support to go win new business instead of questioning and confrontation if they kept the CRM data up to date? NEHANET takes the next step with our Strategic Partnership Program to turn the CRM data monster into a sales team building process. It gets everyone focused on executing the plan that sales believes will win using CRM analytic data to help prioritize actions and understand the ROI the company and team members will achieve if they win the business fast.

NEHANET enables you to build a data driven sales team that prioritizes realistic high value opportunities and builds ad hoc closure teams to drive success. NEHANET enables this change with program-driven activities, metrics, and turns the process away from questioning and confrontation and into a proactive integrated extended sales team driven and measured on success.

We can make it happen – To get details about NEHANET’S Strategic Partnership Program service or to talk to an advisor CLICK HERE.

Building a plan to deliver the results you committed to in your 2017 plan is essential. We deliver results you can depend on and much more than you expect with the NEHANET Strategic Partnership Program.

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