Small and medium size businesses have some of the greatest challenges in the new COVID-19 market. Building resilience and finding a strategy to come out of the current situation stronger and better is the challenge you face as a leader and it is what your small and medium size customers are also scared to death about.

As you work through all the problems just surviving in the market today, one of the places you can get ideas and build customer confidence is small and medium customers. 

Small and Medium Size Customers are the ones to focus your attention on right now

The big guys will figure out a strategy and you will need to react but small and medium companies will be open to collaboration about what to do.  You need to guide your team to define a strategy and roadmap to become the market leader in the new market you and your customers will face now that everything has changed. Thinking about who you want to be in 5 or 10 years and how you can work together with your small and medium size customers may really change the future of your business.  Helping them figure out how to become a winner will make you their partner for the future.

We are all in a very unusual condition right now and no one has any experience to guide them through what is going on.  All your team members and all your customers and contacts are scared. Everyone wants to hear an empathetic voice and talk about what to do and how to get through this.

Now, you have the opportunity to be a reassuring voice and strengthen your relationships with personal contact and listening to their concerns and ideas, especially with your small and medium size customers. There will be time to sell when things settle down now you need to just connect. Your customers will reach out to you when they are ready to buy, by taking advantage of these troubling times, you can be the one they call first because of the way you build trust and confidence when they need help.

Everyone reacts best to someone who they think was concerned about them personally and being nice at a time of stress will pay real dividends in the future. 

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