NEHANET has changed the landscape of CRM business solutions for the semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing industries. NEHANET professionals are backed by years of experience in these industries in sales management, marketing management, support management and operations management. This expertise is at the heart of NEHANET’s manufacturer-specific solutions, a system that is designed to manage your business the way your business is managed today!

NEHANET´s Manufacturer-Specific solutions provide:

  • Basic CRM: Account Management, Contacts, Activities.
  • Global run-rate forecasting, waterfall analysis, integrated Rep and Distributor forecasts.
  • Ship and debit quotes, POS, Design Registration.
  • Rep and Distributor permission based access.
  • Rapid Deployment.
  • Minimal semiconductor and electronic component manufacturer customizations.
  • Semiconductor and Electronic Components Industry Best Practices.
  • Full set of complementary solutions: Sales, Marketing, Support, Training.
  • 24/7 online and offline access.
Manufacturer CRM vs Generic CRM

In the time spent trying to determine how to make a generic CRM solution fit your needs or how to change your processes to fit the CRM’s capabilities, NEHANET will have you up and running with an industry specific solution. This greatly reduces your time to ROI, increases your users adoption and helps you increase sales.NEHANET invites you to take a closer look and see how our Manufacturer CRM solution can impact your business.

“Take control of your business processes today !”

Manufacturer CRM vs Generic CRM

Today’s electronic component manufacturers compete in a fragmented global marketplace. To maintain a competitive advantage, these companies need real time visibility and control over their opportunity pipeline, including channel partners, reps and distributors.

That’s why more and more component manufacturers rely on NEHANET to solve these problems and gain a competitive edge. NEHANET’s products are built from the ground up based on deep domain expertise, industry best practices and leading-edge software technology.

As electronic component manufacturers increasingly realize the need for a system to help them better manage their sales pipeline, they seek out options from various CRM providers. The information below is designed to help choose the best system for those needs.


Build a Team – build a decision team of the right mix of people from across the organization. This team will most often include key representatives from the line-of-business and functional areas the application will support.

Set Requirements and Weights – A set of requirements is the starting point for the shortlist process. Determine the relative importance of each requirement or sub-requirement and assign weighting factors accordingly. Although specific requirements vary, they tend to fall into broad categories, such as application functionality, vendor and costs.

Create a Budget – The CRM budget process begins with a list of planned projects. You should have a priority order established, a rough business case, and approximate timing for the project of automating critical business processes such as Opportunity Tracking, Forecasts, Samples, Quotes, Support and Campaigns.

Choose a Vendor – Product functionality, Financial viability of vendor, product suite (i.e. ability to add applications, customize modules, add users, etc), product architecture, service and support, price, delivery (i.e. On-Demand vs. license) and vertical expertise.


  • Increase Design Wins
  • Enhance Revenue
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction
  • Gain Competitive Advantage
  • Business Visibility
  • Increase Productivity and Efficiency
  • Lower Costs
  • Improve Collaboration
“We tried one of the leading CRM solutions for one year. We simply were not able to gain the value we expected from the tool. Whether it was forecasting, quoting or managing our sales channel, everything we wanted to do cost more or needed another vendor.

We switched to NEHANET and were up and running in less than two months at a fraction of what we spent in the previous year. Thank you NEHANET!”

Comparison of CRM Options for Electronic Component Manufacturers

Horizontal CRM ERP CRM Homegrown CRM Specialized CRM (NEHANET)
What Customers Say “Fine for contacts but not much else.”
“PIM on steroids.”
“Lacks vertical understanding.”
“Lots of shallow functionality.”
“After-thought attempt at CRM.”
“Designed to feed ERP data, not to improve sales processes.”
“Long expensive rollout process.”
“It doesn’t scale.”
“It’s a very manual process.”
“The IT department isn’t responsive enough.”
“Built for my business.”
“Focused solution.”
“Works for a distributed sales force.”
“Fast cost-effective roll-out.”
Concerns . Does not cover critical component manufacturer business processes
· Lacks in-depth process functionality
· Poor support for extended sales models with Reps and Distributors
· Requires extensive customizations
· Does not cover critical component manufacturer business processes
· Poor support for extended sales models with Reps and Distributors
· Requires extensive customizations
· Expensive and time consuming roll-out
· Time intensive to create, use, update and maintain
· Lack of real-time visibility into deals and sales pipeline
· Errors are more common
· Difficult to scale
· Designed for electronic component manufacturers
· Extensive functionality available “out-of-the-box”
· Global 24X7 web access
· Rapid deployment and ROI
Questions for Your Business · Do you need a system that fits your processes?
· Will software designed for your dentist and bank work for your complex business?
· Do you need visibility into and better control of an extended global sales force?
· Will an ERP CRM module be sufficient to manage your sales pipeline and processes?
· How much time and money are you willing to spend?
· Will your field teams get a tool that will increase their effectiveness?
· Are your sales growing?
· Can your teams easily access, update and report info 24X7 over the web?
· How much time and effort does it take to get in-depth and summary reports?
· Do you need a solution that fits your business processes?
· Do you have an extended global sales presence?
· Are you looking for a system that solves your problem within your budget?
“We considered systems from various competitors, however, the NEHANET solution was the best fit for our needs.”

“We looked carefully at our needs and processes, looked at the solutions available in the market and determined that NEHANET was the right answer for our business.”

“NEHANET’s sales automation system presented us with a solution that fit our needs out-of-the-box.”

Comparison Summary

NEHANET Horizontal CRM ERP CRM Homegrown System
Basic CRM: Contacts, Activities, etc. right[1] right[1] right[1] right[1]
Global run-rate forecasting, waterfall analysis, Rep and Distributor forecasts right[1]
Ship and debit quotes, POS, Design registration right[1]
Rep and Distributor permission based access right[1]
On-Demand (hosted) delivery right[1] right[1]
Perpetual License (in house) delivery right[1] right[1] right[1]
Low up-front costs right[1] right[1] right[1]
Rapid Deployment right[1] right[1]
Minimal component manufacturer customizations right[1] right[1]
Electronic Components Industry Best Practices right[1]
Full set of complementary solutions: Support, Marketing, Training right[1]
“NEHANET’s years of expertise in the electronic components and semiconductor industries has enabled us to build a dedicated set of solutions that are more robust and specialized than any other CRM system in the market today.”

Ankur Sharma, President and CEO, NEHANET Corporation

Why Choose NEHANET?


NEHANET delivers a suite of solutions based on a proprietary CRM architecture developed to address the complex needs of electronic component manufacturers. NEHANET offers these high value solutions at competitive prices with rapid deployment and high adoption rates.


On-Demand or Perpetual License. You choose the purchase and delivery method that suits your business. You can even transition from On-Demand to Perpetual License down the road.


Four product suites encompass thirteen modules, allowing you to select the features and functionality you want. Global access, robust analytics, easy customizations and powerful workflow combine to give your business more than just a CRM solution.


NEHANET pricing is affordable and dynamic. You select the modules, users and discount schedule to fit your business and budget. You can scale as you grow and pay as you scale.


NEHANET products meet over 90% of customer requirements out-of-the-box. This speeds up the implementation needed to get your system deployed on time. Most NEHANET customers realize a positive return on their investment in less than three months.


NEHANET is designed to meet the needs of electronic component manufacturers, including their field teams, channel partners and support staff.

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