NEHANET Manufacturer CRM is expanding our AOP offering to incorporate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to help guide the process of developing and converging on a consensus plan for the new year.

Building a Dynamic AI-Based Annual Operating Plan

Creating an Annual Operating Plan for an Electronics Component business is time-consuming and difficult to manage because there are so many variables to take into consideration. One must consolidate not only what the customer sales outlook is but also what operations can support, what the margin impacts are for the business assumptions you make, and when new products will be available to sales to provide additional growth. One must also factor in mega-trends at the technology, competitive, segment, and market levels.

The AOP System we introduced last year provided a sophisticated and comprehensive framework to build and get the organization to converge on a plan that your stakeholders will be excited about. Keeping everyone on the path to converge and getting their buy in to make it happen is what turns hopes into plans.

NEHANET has now added AI and Machine Learning capabilities to our AOP offering, providing insights and guidance to make your AOP plan more rigorous. We track many operational, sales and financial indexes and provide several different AI models to help you generate a more accurate AOP plan. We recognize that no two businesses are alike, and efficiently leverage our models into custom machine learning models that incorporate your unique insider knowledge about your markets and customers.

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