Maximize Revenues and Profitability NOW

NEHANET Corporation is the premier provider of sales, support, and marketing automation solutions and services to the electronic industries. Let NEHANET bring its in-depth domain knowledge and years of experience with industry best practices to your business today.

Maximize Revenues and Profitability NOW:

  • Make Better Decisions based on Accurate Reports and Up-to-date Data
  • Drive Margins through Increased Forecast Accuracy
  • Drive Margins Through Improved Quoting, Debits and Price Management
  • Drive Productivity and Motivation by reducing manual spreadsheet tasks

Do you need to:

  • Track engineered/designed-in products sold to OEMs
  • Track opportunities across design/production locations, ODMs & CMs
  • Track transfer business
  • Manage billing/constrained billing run rate forecasts
  • Manage Disti Cost, DPAs and POS
  • Manage Manufacturer’s Reps effectively
  • Have a system that is available offline for security and convenience

Experience the NEHANET Difference absolutely risk-free.

Our industry specific solutions come with practices already built in — making the rollout, adoption, and return to your business much more compelling and obvious. We leverage our domain expertise by offering a 30 day free trial, which is unique in that we configure your system and load in your data at no cost during the free trial period.

NEHANET enables:

  • Revenue Growth
  • Margin Maximization
  • Global Visibility into Opportunities, Samples, Forecasts, Quotes, DPAs, POS
  • Secure Communication with Reps and Distributors
  • Communicating Shipment and backlog information

Seamless Integration with your CRM or ERP system means:

  • Low Add-On Fee Protects and Leverages your Existing Investment.
  • Integration of Customer and Part Master and Order Information

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30 Day Free Trial

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