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Succeeding as a Manufacturer’s Rep in the Age of the Cloud

Manufacturer’s reps continue to be a major sales channel for electronics manufacturers by:

  • providing local, focused sales resources that prove to be valuable resource-sharing opportunities for vendors AND by
  • being knowledgeable salespeople that customers can depend on to find the best supplier match for system programs covering a broad range of technologies and products

In today’s marketplace, customers are far more informed about products, prices, specs and competitors than ever before – before they even talk to a supplier or the rep. Customer management requires experience and systems that identify customer needs, help manage people engagement discussions, and capture the program needs in a way that they can help offer products they have in their portfolio to provide a solution that meets the system requirements while providing a competitive advantage for their supplier.

In a sales environment, what should a world class sales management solution provide for a manufacturer’s rep in the electronics market to help them negotiate the sales process with their customers and maximize the results possible for their suppliers?

Succeeding as a Manufacturer’s Rep in the Age of the Cloud