Post Rollout Refinement

Mandatory Fields – Best Practices

Best Practices for keeping your data clean and complete The NEHANET system out of the box identifies a set of system fields in each module as mandatory. As part of the Roll-out, you can identify additional fields that you need your users to fill in for every record as mandatory. Your System Administrator should be [...]

Mandatory Fields – Best Practices2015-10-27T06:53:04-08:30

Security – Best Practices

Best Practices for keeping your site secure Keeping a site secure is an ongoing exercise. This involves making sure only authorized users have access to the system. When a user leave the organization, make sure the user is inactivated. We also recommend that users logout from the application when they are done for the day, [...]

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Post Rollout Refinement

Your business is not static and neither should your NEHANET deployment be. You should refine and adjust the system as your organization, objectives or processes change and evolve. You should also refine and adjust the system to take advantage of all the specialized functionality that NEHANET offers. The first step is to increase your awareness [...]

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