Module Specific Rollout

Order Management

Concepts The Sales History data is either loaded from Excel or automatically loaded from the backend ERP system. The primary benefit is in driving forecast accuracy by making backlog and shipment information visible in the forecast module. The secondary benefit is that it gives reps and channel partners selective access to their backlog and shipsment [...]

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Partner Portal

The Partner Portal gives your Reps and Distributors 24x7 secure, partitioned access to information they need. It eliminates redundant manual work while giving Reps and Distributors an incentive to create demand, and you a tool and process to manage Reps and Distributors. Reps and Distributors are typically set up by Regions and see data only [...]

Partner Portal2015-08-05T09:15:14-08:30

Design Registration

Concepts Distributors selling components to OEMs spend a substantial amount of time on design development with the OEM so that the OEM ultimately selects their manufacturer’s component for the design. Distributors work with Manufacturers Representatives or their own sales engineers to develop solutions for the OEM’s products. To protect themselves from competition during this long [...]

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Concepts The Debits module ties off the Quotes module and is largely out of the box. Debits can be issued against approved Distributor Quotes. The distributor can enter debit claim entries once they have the Debit Authorization Number. NEHANET does perform several validation checks on new debit claim requests. However, please write up any specific [...]



Concepts Please provide all the POS files you currently get from distributors so they can be analyzed and configured in the system. Please keep the following concepts in mind when putting together your requirements for the POS system. The POS Mapping engine maps from each distributors format to your specific format. These mappings can be [...]


Stock Rotation/Inventory Mgmt

Overview The NEHANET Distributor Stock Rotation/Inventory Management module allows Manufacturers to manage their Channel Inventory efficiently by providing a real-time visibility to how much material is already in the channel. The system ensures that the returned stock goes through a predefined acceptance process before a credit is issued. The approval process can be automated and [...]

Stock Rotation/Inventory Mgmt2015-08-05T05:28:18-08:30

Problem Escalation

Concepts The Problem Escalation module can automate the flow of customer issues from customers to your FAEs and onto your AEs and Engineering teams. Please keep the following concepts in mind when defining your requirements for this module. You can create custom field and custom layouts to capture any additional information if required. Escalations can [...]

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Concepts The NEHANET Campaign Manager allows you to deliver, track and manage sales and marketing messages to targeted audiences. You can easily create target lists to include Contacts who bought a certain product, rep firms, distributors, internal teams or web-site visitors that show interest in a particular product. You can also analyze campaign effectiveness by [...]


Training/Learning Management

Concepts The key to training success is moving knowledge from the people who have it to the people who need it, while ensuring those who receive it also understand it. The NEHANET Training Module gives you the power to do exactly that in a very cost effective and secure manner. Designed to specifically meet the [...]

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Overview The NEHANET Return Material Authorization (Return Merchandise Authorization) is a flexible and powerful RMA engine that can automate your entire RMA process from web RMA entry, through validation and authorization, all the way to generating the shipping invoices and tracking shipments. Your customers, customer service people and others will have full visibility at all [...]