Module Specific Rollout

Annual Operating Plan

Annual Operating Plan Annual Operating Plan (AOP) is a detailed projection of forecasted sales revenue for the fiscal year. In other words, it is a plan to target for the upcoming fiscal year. It sets target sales revenue for all regions/territories, helps coordinate the activities to achieve the target and measure the performance by giving [...]

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Key Account Plan

Key Account Plan Account plans drive team alignment and allow Reps and Regional Sales Managers (RSMs) to achieve their goals in a predictable manner. By executing their Plan systematically, Reps and RSMs discover value in their accounts that an adhoc process would not achieve. Executives can easily review accounts, monitor performance and help Reps and [...]

Key Account Plan2016-10-30T10:05:53-08:30

Call Reports

Concepts Call Reports or Trip Reports are an easy to use and provide an immediate improvement to your management process. Please keep the following concepts in mind while writing up your specific requirements for the Call Reports module. Call Reports are associated with Accounts and can optionally be associated with Opportunities. Multiple Activities (assigned to [...]

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Concepts and Capabilities NEHANET supports the majority of your design win/opportunity tracking requirements right out of the box. Please keep the following concepts in mind when you are itemizing the requirements for your opportunity tracking system. An Opportunity can have multiple parts; and you can specify the volume, ASP etc for each part. You can [...]



Concepts and Capabilities NEHANET system has a Forecasting module uniquely suited to the needs of semiconductor and electronics component manufacturers. An accurate forecast allows your business to effectively manage product plans, reduce inventory costs, avoid fulfillment delays and align resources appropriately. The NEHANET Forecasting system delivers these benefits while efficiently managing the forecast process across [...]


Contacts and Activities

Concepts Contacts can be imported into the Contacts tab of your NEHANET system. They can then be optionally used in Call Reports and Activities. Please keep the following in mind when providing your requirements for the Activity module. Activities can be in Statuses that you can define. As expected, activities are assigned to Users; have [...]

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Lead Tracking

Concepts A lead is a prospect or a potential opportunity. This could be someone you met at a trade show who expressed interest in learning more about your product, or it could be someone who registered on your web site to evaluate, or request a quote on a particular product, or alternatively someone who clicked [...]

Lead Tracking2016-10-25T17:34:54-08:30

Sample Tracking

Concepts The sample tracking module allows you to automate your entre sample request handling process, from the rep or customer making the initial request, to the RSM and/or marketing approving it, all the way till final shipment. Please keep the following concepts in mind when coming up with your requirements for this module. Samples can [...]

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Price Management

Concepts Please keep the following concepts in mind when putting together your requirements for this module. You can manage both Resale Price and Disti Costs. You can also specify Contract Pricing. You can specify different Volume Breaks for different product families. You can further specify Pricing Approval minimums Resale Price ranges can be different for [...]

Price Management2015-08-05T05:13:52-08:30


Concepts and Capabilities NEHANET Quote module helps you manage both Direct Quotes (Quote Type: Direct) and Distribution Quotes(Quote Type: Distribution) in the system. You can quote multiple parts in one quote; and can quote multiple volume ranges for each part. You can have different approval rules set up in the system. For example, you can [...]