Basic System Setup


Concepts You have perhaps already divided your customer territory into different regions and have different people managing different regions. If so, please provide us with your Region hierarchy in an excel spreadsheet. Please keep the following concepts in mind: Regions can consist of multiple leaf level regions. There can be multiple super level regions e.g [...]



Concepts Roles are used to control who sees what, both for application/module visibility and data accessibility. Roles define a given users privileges in the system. For example, a user in Sales Rep role may not have Export or Delete privileges. Please define your Role Hierarchy in Excel while keeping the following concepts in mind: [...]



Concepts Accounts are one of the pillars of your NEHANET system. Please keep the following concepts in mind. Accounts can be Customers or your Reps and Distributors. This is controlled by the Type of the Account. Valid values for Type are: Direct Customer (Accounts managed Directly), Disti Customer (There is a Disti involved in managing [...]



Concepts Please provide us with an excel spreadsheet consisting of your Users. Please keep the following concepts in mind when providing us with this list. Users are associated with Roles, which you have already specified in your Requirements document earlier. The User's data access rules are controlled by the Scoping Rule specified for that Role. [...]



Concepts Parts can be grouped under Part Families. They can also be associated with Business Units. When deciding the list of Product Families, please keep in mind that you can have different feature/attribute sets for different Part Families. These are used to drive functionality off the Parts database. For each attribute, such as Voltage, Package [...]


Business Rules

Concepts The NEHANET Business Rules Engine is one of the most advanced yet flexible and easy to use fully integrated business rules engines available today. The Rules Engine provides unprecedented flexibility in cross linking business processes and information flows, and in setting up and managing business processes in NEHANET. Please keep the following concepts in [...]

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NEHANET Hardware Requirement

NEHANET  is available for deployment in two ways: A. Cloud Solution: NEHANET runs as a Cloud application and is available 24x7 without the customer having to install or purchase any additional software or hardware. The NEHANET Cloud is hosted at Rackspace (, a reputable managed hosting provider. B. In-house Solution: Unlike many other Cloud providers, [...]

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