Report Snapshot

Forecast Snapshot Snapshots provide a easy way to save the current value of the Forecast data for week over week or month over month comparison. To take snapshots first create a forecast report. Once the report is defined, you can take Forecast Snapshots on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as desired. Each snapshot is [...]

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NEHANET provides a sophisticated set of analysis tools to analyze data in your NEHANET system and turn it into actionable reports. All users can slice and dice data by different criteria and create and share Search and Report filters. Reports can be further organized into Dashboards. Reports and Dashboards can be emailed as needed. NEHANET [...]


Sales History and Forecast Report

Sales History and Forecast Report NEHANET combines the information from Forecast module with information from the Sales History module to give you a combined Sales History and Forecast report that gives you a complete picture of past Shipments, Forecasts, and Backlog. This gives the Sales Management team a complete picture of the past and future [...]

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