Advanced Setup

Custom Sections (Loops)

Concepts The NEHANET Field Layout Engine is one of the most advanced yet flexible and easy to use Layout engine available today. The Field Layout Engine provides unprecedented flexibility in adding fields to any module. We are introducing a new capability to define custom sections and a corresponding set of fields for managing business processes and information flows in NEHANET. These [...]

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Concepts NEHANET has been integrated with your back end system/ERP. The integration process is not complex; and customers typically automate the flow of Parts, Accounts and Sales History data from ERP to NEHANET. Integration yields immediate benefits to your operational processes. Making Backlog and Shipment data visible in NEHANET helps drive Annual plan and Forecast [...]


Rules Engine

Concepts The latest release of the NEHANET CRM has a built in Rules Engine. Rules Engine are software components that execute business rules that are externalized from the application code. The externalization allows the business users to modify the rules frequently without the need for a software upgrade. The system as a whole becomes more [...]

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Custom Applications

One of the advantages of the NEHANET platform is the ease of creating custom applications that capture every nuance of your business processes and allow you to automate what might have been an adhoc process to date. As a first step, please provide us with details on the process, including any spreadsheets or web forms [...]

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Outlook Contacts Synchronization

The NEHANET Outlook Sync engine lets you consolidate and manage all contacts, and their associated customer relationships. Selective and Seamless Synchronization Users can add Outlook contacts that they want to synchronize to NEHANET into the NEHANET contacts folder. They can also explicitly exclude any NEHANET contacts that they do not wish to synchronize with Outlook. [...]

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Go mobile with NEHANET Mobile: You can easily access the data in NEHANET from a mobile device (Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc). When you access NEHANET from a mobile device, we will direct you to a mobile version of the application which has: Quick Create: gives you a list of the modules configured for [...]