Best Practices for keeping your site secure

Keeping a site secure is an ongoing exercise. This involves making sure only authorized users have access to the system. When a user leave the organization, make sure the user is inactivated. We also recommend that users logout from the application when they are done for the day, especially when accessing the application from a shared computer or device.

Password – Best practices

Make sure you use strong password. Passwords should have at least one uppercase letter, at least one lowercase letter, at least one number and at least one non-alphanumeric character. Please change password periodically and do not reuse passwords. There are may tools available to generate strong passwords.

Secure (SSL) site

If you use our website to login to the CRM, you will be automatically directed to our secure site However if you host it on-premise or use your own domain to login, it is very easy to secure your application. This is very important especially if you use the CRM from public WiFi hotspots. You can use any of the certificate issuing authorities to generate a certificate. The NEHANET services team can help generate the certificate request file and subsequently import the SSL certificate. The complete process should take no more that couple of hours. As part of installing SSL certificate We recommend redirecting HTTP traffic to HTTPS site.