Sales History and Forecast Report

NEHANET combines the information from Forecast module with information from the Sales History module to give you a combined Sales History and Forecast report that gives you a complete picture of past Shipments, Forecasts, and Backlog. This gives the Sales Management team a complete picture of the past and future state of the business. The Sales History data (Shipments and Backlog) is either loaded from Excel or automatically loaded from the ERP system. The primary benefit of this report is in driving forecast accuracy by making Backlog and Shipment information visible along with Forecast data in one combined report. The combined report lists past Shipments, Backlog and Forecasts. For Shipments, the system goes back 12 months from the current month. For Forecasts, you can configure the Forecast window anywhere from 12 to 60 months in 12 month increments (12, 24, 36, 48, or 60 months). The default Forecast window is 12 months. The Backlog window is same as the Forecast window.

NEHANET provides mechanisms to reconcile the Sales History data to Accounts, Parts and Opportunities. These are links available in the System Administration part of the Settings menu. If the Customer and Parts are coming in the form of a feed from ERP along with the Sales History data, then all the Customers and Parts will auto reconcile. In addition, you can reconcile each Sales History data to a specific Opportunity (DWID) in NEHANET. When you click on the Reconcile Opportunity link, NEHANET automatically attempts to reconcile each Sales History record to a specific Opportunity using a set of rules. First, the system auto reconcile where we can (i.e. there is only one Opportunity for that Customer/Part Sales Order). Here you will find the opportunity Name filled and the Sales Order flagged as “AR” (Auto Reconciled). Second, if there is more than one Opportunity for a particular Customer/Part, the system will mark the Sales Order as “UR” (Not Reconciled), so the Administrator can manually reconcile the Sales Order to the right Opportunity. You need to do this only once and the system will remember it. Once reconciled, this Sales Order data will be listed in the Manually Reconciled list. However, If there is No Opportunity for a particular Customer/Part, we mark it as CR (Cannot Reconcile), so you can create the Opportunity and the next time the reconcile procedure runs, it will mark it as Auto-reconciled. You need to do this only once.