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Rollout Methodology

Our primary objective here is to make customers aware of the comprehensive functionality of the NEHANET solution and to serve as a road map for a rapid and efficient roll out of the NEHANET system for their particular requirements and objectives. This guide is organized into different sections and is best read step by step from start to end, while skipping modules not of interest. As you read this guide, we recommend you create a new requirements document to capture your requirements as they relate to NEHANET. This guide will ask you numerous questions and will make specific suggestions. We recommend you answer the questions we pose as you go along and keep track of them in your Requirements document. At the end, you can forward your Requirements document to your NEHANET representative for an in-depth discussion of how the NEHANET system can best be set up for your requirements. Do note that one of the advantages of choosing NEHANET is that the system requires minimal customization to get it up and running; and a lot of the configuration changes can be done by you directly.

  • Basic System Setup
  • Module Specific Rollout
  • Integration
  • Analytics
  • Custom Applications
  • Post Rollout Refinement

Import Engine

NEHANET has a very powerful and flexible Import Engine which you can use to seed the data in the system. If you already have your data in Excel spreadsheets, it can be uploaded, mapped to System and Custom fields and Imported to the System. The Import Engine accepts files in XLSX, CSV and JSPN file formats. Please make sure the Excel spreadsheets have only one tab, turn off row and column freeze and also disable any sort filters.