Roles are used to control who sees what, both for application/module visibility and data accessibility. Roles define a given users privileges in the system. For example, a user in Sales Rep role may not have Export or Delete privileges. Please define your Role Hierarchy in Excel while keeping the following concepts in mind:

  • Each user in NEHANET will be assigned a Role in the system in the Users module.
  • Roles can be hierarchical with a parent-child relationship. Child roles DO NOT inherit permissions from their Parent role, allowing for greater flexibility in the role definition process.

Scoping Rules/Account Teams

  • Roles are associated with a Scoping Rule — such as Scope By Region. The scoping rule controls the data access for all users in that role. For example,Users in a Role scoped by Region will see all Accounts (and related Opportunities/Forecasts/Quotes/Samples, etc in their region, and therefore see all opportunities, forecasts, samples etc for the accounts in their region.
  • Account Teams: In addition to seeing Accounts in your Region, you can give selective access to Accounts in other Regions by making users Teams members to the Account. It requires Admin privilege to assign Team Members to Accounts. Once Team Members are added to an Account, the list of Team Members for that Account is visible in the corresponding Account details page. Once an Account is visible to a user, the corresponding Opportunities, Forecast, Quotes, Samples, etc. are visible to the user. This feature is useful for sharing Global Accounts with your Regional users without needing to assign multiple Regions to the Regional users.

Users in Admin/SysAdmin role will see all Accounts and related Opportunities, Quotes, Samples, etc. There is no need to set User Region Mapping for users in Admin/SysAdmin role.

Users in Rep role will only see those Accounts where their Company is marked as the Rep Firm. Similarly Users in Disti role will only see those Accounts where their Company is marked as the Distributor for the Account. There is no need to set User Region Mappings for users in Rep and Disti role.

Advanced Considerations

NEHANET can be set up to control access control along several additional dimensions, which are useful in managing large complex organizations:

  • Users belonging to a particular Business Units will only see opportunity and other data for parts belonging to that Business Unit.
  • Users belonging to particular Rep locations or Distributor branches will only see opportunity and other data for accounts belonging to them. However, Users associated with the Rep or Disti Head Office will see opportunity and other data for all branches/locations of that particular Rep or Disti office.

Setting Up Roles

For each role, please specify in Excel the scoping rule you desire for that role. NEHANET Services will set your system up as closely as possible to your requirements; and will get back to you for clarifications or to ask you to adjust your requirements to match the system’s capabilities. Do note that NEHANET will create your Roles to get you going and will be glad to setup the security for each role if you can provide us with your requirements, however, it is your responsibility to edit each role and make sure that the permissions for each role are correct.

Please let us know if either the Business Unit or the Rep/Disti Branch setup are of interest to you while setting up the system.