You have perhaps already divided your customer territory into different regions and have different people managing different regions. If so, please provide us with your Region hierarchy in an excel spreadsheet. Please keep the following concepts in mind:

  • Regions can consist of multiple leaf level regions. There can be multiple super level regions e.g Northern California => NA West => NA => Worldwide. Note that Accounts (Customers) by definition belong to leaf level regions, while Users can belong either to lead level regions, or to super regions to control data visibility.
  • You can specify a Region Mapping that maps Country, State, Zip Code range to a particular region. You can also associate the Regional Manager, Rep Firm and Distributor to a particular Region in the Region Mapping. If you have such a region mapping already in place, please provide us the mapping details in an excel spreadsheet. Occasionally customers will have split regions (such as Northern California and Southern California). Please let us know the details if you have this situation.


How to setup Region Mapping in NEHANET?

To setup Region Mapping you need to have Administrator privileges. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Admin -> System Configuration -> Region Mapping
  2. Once you edit the Region Mapping section, you will see all these headers.
    Country, State, City, Start Zip Code, End Zip Code, Region, Rep Firm, Disti Firm, Account Manager
  3. Fill in the data as needed and save it.
  4. Then while creating Accounts in Accounts module, the data which are already saved will be auto-picked.



Keep in mind that Country, State, Citry, Start Zipcode and End Zipcode is the unique key. So if you export the current Region mapping and enter a new row or modify one of the above fields for the current row, it will create a new record in the Region Mapping table.

While defining your regions, keep in mind that security and access control is often defined by a combination of regions and roles. For example, Reps and RSMs are typically region based, whereas Marketing Managers may be Business Unit or Product Family based etc.