The Problem Escalation module can automate the flow of customer issues from customers to your FAEs and onto your AEs and Engineering teams. Please keep the following concepts in mind when defining your requirements for this module.

  • You can create custom field and custom layouts to capture any additional information if required.
  • Escalations can be categorized into types, and types can be assigned to user roles for routing. For example, CAEs and FAEs might be two different groups and the system can be set up to route tickets to the right person. You can also route by Region etc.
  • Escalations are associated with Part Families and Part Numbers and have a Status drop down, all of which can be used to automate the routing.
  • The system can be configured to send out Internal and External emails, with different content and different attachments. Please capture any specific requirements so they can be analyzed against the capabilities of the system.


Deploying Escalations Module for Customers

You can deploy the Escalations module for your Customers so they can come in and create/manage tickets. To do so, please create a Customer role and enable only the Escalations module.