Please keep the following concepts in mind when putting together your requirements for this module.

  • You can manage both Resale Price and Disti Costs. You can also specify Contract Pricing.
  • You can specify different Volume Breaks for different product families. You can further specify Pricing Approval minimums
  • Resale Price ranges can be different for different Part Families. Disti Cost is typically a single column.
  • You can have different prices by Region etc.


Volume Pricing

You can configure volume pricing in NEHANET. The volume breaks can be configured differently for each Part family if needed. You can also have different volume breaks for Resale price and Disti cost.

Region Pricing

If you price the same part differently in different regions, you can configure the NEHANET Pricing module to support that. With Region Pricing, you can pick a region before entering the pricing information for that region. When you quote a customer in that region, the system will automatically pick the region specific pricing. If there is no pricing for a particular region, the system will automatically default to the standard pricing.

Customer-Specific (Contract) Pricing

If you have Contract (or Customer specific pricing), you can configure the NEHANET pricing module to handle that. When you quote a customer and you have contract pricing for that part/customer combination, the quoting engine will automatically pull that price.

Multi Currency Pricing

You can maintain pricing in multiple currencies in NEHANET. This will enable you to quote the same part in different currencies based on the location of the customer. You can also track the currency exchange rates.


Please provide us with your price lists so that the Pricing Module can be configured to your requirements.