Parts can be grouped under Part Families. They can also be associated with Business Units.

  • When deciding the list of Product Families, please keep in mind that you can have different feature/attribute sets for different Part Families. These are used to drive functionality off the Parts database. For each attribute, such as Voltage, Package etc, you can have different attribute values.
  • When deciding the list of Business Units, please keep in mind that this is often used to control Marketing access to Sales information. For example, marketing users in one business unit can see all opportunities, forecasts, samples etc for the products in their business unit, but not for the products in a different business unit. Please see Users section to learn how to associate Users with Business Units.

Do keep in mind that you can set up custom fields in the Part module and have them drive high level business processes. Several examples are:

  • Specifying whether a given part should be Forecasted, Sampled and/or Quoted etc.
  • Specifying MOQ at the part level and having it used in the Quoting approval process.
  • Specifying Cost at the part level and using it for margin calculations in the Quotes module or POS and Sales Order modules.
  • Specifying Inventory levels at the part level and using it in stock rotation.


As a first step, please provide us with the list of Part Families, and the list of Feature (attributes and their values) for each Part Family. Please also provide the list of business units. Once this information is provided and your system is setup, the NEHANET Services team can provide you with a set of templates for each Part Family. You can use these templates to provide part data to NEHANET for import, or you can do the import yourself. Note that NEHANET can migrate parts data from your existing system if you so require.

Advanced Considerations

NEHANET can also setup your system such that the Part Master in kept in your ERP system and updated automatically to NEHANET on a periodic basis. Please provide more details on this point in your Requirements document if this is an immediate or possible long term need for you so we can optimize your system accordingly.