The Partner Portal gives your Reps and Distributors 24×7 secure, partitioned access to information they need. It eliminates redundant manual work while giving Reps and Distributors an incentive to create demand, and you a tool and process to manage Reps and Distributors.

  • Reps and Distributors are typically set up by Regions and see data only for their region.
  • Reps can login and create Call Reports for their Accounts, request Samples that can be either delivered to the Rep or directly to the Customer. Reps can also request on behalf of the Customer or the Distributor. Reps can also update Opportunities and submit Forecast Information for their Customers.
  • Distributors can register Designs, request Special pricing, uplod their monthly POS data and submit debit claims for Approval.

Rollout Steps

Please provide NEHANET with a list of your Rep and Distributor companies to be set up in the system.