NEHANET  is available for deployment in two ways:

A. Cloud Solution:

NEHANET runs as a Cloud application and is available 24×7 without the customer having to install or purchase any additional software or hardware. The NEHANET Cloud is hosted at Rackspace (, a reputable managed hosting provider.

B. In-house Solution:

Unlike many other Cloud providers, NEHANET is also available for deployment on-premise at the Customer’s facility. If the Customer selects this option, they are responsible for providing the hardware and software described below. They are also responsible for administrative tasks such as security firewalls, database backups etc.

  1. Servers: The hardware should be sized proportionally depending on the Customer’s size and deployment scenarios.
  2. Software:
    • Operating System: Windows 32-bit, 64-bit
    • Web Server: Tomcat 5.5 or later. Apache Tomcat can be downloaded for free from NEHANET Services can download and install it if needed.
  3. Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or later The customer will need to provide this.
  4. Java™ 5.0. This is free from

Estimated Setup Time: Up to 10 hours (NEHANET services billable hours).