A lead is a prospect or a potential opportunity. This could be someone you met at a trade show who expressed interest in learning more about your product, or it could be someone who registered on your web site to evaluate, or request a quote on a particular product, or alternatively someone who clicked on one of your marketing campaign. Irrespective of how a lead is sourced, NEHANET offers a comprehensive Lead Capture and Management module that helps you:

  • Capture Leads: A lead is a prospect or a potential opportunity that you enter in the CRM, import in from an Excel file, or enter in a via Lead form on your website. When you create a new lead in the application, the Account has to exist in the Accounts module or you can create Leads for a Place holder Account. When you are migrating old leads from a CSV file, you need to fill in the Lead CSV template, which is available under Leads tab.
  • Manage Leads: Once a lead is created, you can track and route leads to the right people ensuring Sales Managers get instant access to the latest leads so they are never dropped or lost.
  • Convert Leads: Once a lead is qualified, you can convert it into an Account and Contact. From the lead edit page, click on Convert. When you convert a lead, NEHANET creates a Account and Contact using the information from the lead.

Benefits of NEHANET Leads module include:

  • Branded online lead capture forms
  • Establish evaluation and assignment rules
  • Establish standard lead qualification procedures


The Lead Capture and Management Module is very flexible and can be setup to mirror your existing paper or other process, such that your people do not have to learn a new process. Note that:

  • Leads can have custom fields and custom layouts to gather detailed information as desired.
  • Leads can go through stages, and can be eventually “promoted” to an opportunity.
  • The role based scoping rules control visibility of leads to different roles based on region or other scoping rules.

Reconciling Leads with Accounts

You can reconcile a Lead in NEHANET to an existing Account if it exists. You can also easily create a new Account for a given lead if it does not already exist in the Accounts database. NEHANET will auto-populate the Account fields from the Leads module to help you avoid entering data redundantly.

Reconciling a Lead allows you to restrict access to leads based on regions. Therefore RSMs for different regions will only see Leads for their Regions allowing you to make sure that Leads are followed up on properly.

Reconciling Leads with Contacts

If a Lead refers to a Contact that is already in the Contacts database, then you can simply select that contact from a drop down to specify that association.

However, if that Contact does not exist, then you can click on the Add Contact link in the Lead form and automatically create a new Contact. NEHANET will copy the relevant Lead fields from the Lead form to the Contacts form to help you avoid redundant data entry.

Associating Leads to Region Mapping

If you have Region Mapping created in NEHANET, you now have the added benefit of tying them to the Leads module. When you reconcile a Lead to an Account in NEHANET, in addition to automatically copying over Lead releated fields to the new Account form, the region mapping also kicks in and the Customer Region, Account Manager, Rep Firm and Distributor are auto filled, making the lead conversion for your Sales operations folks a simple click and Save.

Website Integration

Please provide us with a copy of your current Lead Form. The NEHANET Services team can take that form and configure it into a website form that will automatically create a new lead in the CRM. There is also a reference Lead form in the Advanced Administration section of the NEHANET CRM.