Key Account Plan

Account plans drive team alignment and allow Reps and Regional Sales Managers (RSMs) to achieve their goals in a predictable manner. By executing their Plan systematically, Reps and RSMs discover value in their accounts that an adhoc process would not achieve. Executives can easily review accounts, monitor performance and help Reps and RSMs on an as-needed basis achieve their goals.

It is key to have an Account Plan for every level. A clear owner is assigned for each level. Each owner is supposed to align their plan with the plan for the level above and the level below their own level. A territory plan is typically developed once per year. Account Plans are typically reviewed on an annual or quarterly basis. Opportunity Plans are typically reviewed on a weekly basis. Plan numbers are entered Quarterly for a duration of 5 years.

Both Account and Opportunity plans can facilitate better discovery, drive communication and relationship building with the right levels in the customer organization, and drive coordinated account focus. Doing so involves using the Contacts, Activities, Call Reports and Channels in NEHANET as well as the use of custom fields and layouts to capture customer-specific discovery and sales information.