NEHANET provides 25+ application modules that cover all aspects of Sales, Marketing and Support operations for Manufacturers, Reps and Distributors on top of a generic platform that further allows for automation of custom processes.

Our customers have realized immediate tangible ROI by being up and running in days or weeks due to the deep domain expertise of our solutions and the committment of our team. Companies ranging from small pre-revenue startups to large enterprises across manufacturing verticals use NEHANET software and solutions.

From tracking design-wins and sample orders, to managing global pricing, quoting and contracts, to managing actuals and backlog, to improving forecast accuracy and demand planning, to managing debits and POS to managing reps, supporting customers and managing field and factory application engineers; to having a compelling web site and marketing program, to running a online training and certification program, our solutions will give you 360o visibility into all aspects of your business operations and help you drive competitive advantage.

Our modular architecture allows customers to select the applications of immediate interest to them and choose between a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) on-demand service or deploy the applications in house. The applications are based on latest technologies to drive ease-of-use rarely seen in web applications and are fully integrated with leading CRM and ERP/MRP solutions.

Rollout Methodology

We combine deep domain expertise with an extensive set of software that is typically 80% out of the box for the majority of our customers, i.e: most customers can be rolled out by first configuring the software and then loading in their data. We have documented the basics of the systems and typical steps involved in our Rollout Methodology.

Business Services

NEHANET takes pride in our unique ability to provide an industry specific complete business solution to our customers, i.e: provide business services that maximize and optimize your investment in NEHANET software solutions. Please review the list of services we provide in Business Services.[/fusion_text]