Contacts can be imported into the Contacts tab of your NEHANET system. They can then be optionally used in Call Reports and Activities.

Please keep the following in mind when providing your requirements for the Activity module. Activities can be in Statuses that you can define. As expected, activities are assigned to Users; have a due date, subject, priority, status, activity type and other pertinent information.

When you click on the Summary page, you will see all Activities where you are the Originator of the Activity or the Activity is assigned to you, unless you are a Admin (then all Activities are visible to you)


Activities are how you keep track of your Customer interactions in NEHANET CRM. The advantage of documenting your Customer interactions is that you get a full view of all interactions (including those from your colleagues) with that contact. That way you always know when and what was communicated to your customer. Instead of scrambling to find the latest conversation you had with someone, you can access all the information related to a contact at the click of a button so you can provide the best service possible.

NEHANET provides a easy way for you to Log A Call.

In the online edition, you can click on Activity shortcut from either the Accounts, Contact or Opportunity summary page to create a activity.
In our mobile edition, you can search for your contact and with one click log a call.