The NEHANET Campaign Manager allows you to deliver, track and manage sales and marketing messages to targeted audiences. You can easily create target lists to include Contacts who bought a certain product, rep firms, distributors, internal teams or web-site visitors that show interest in a particular product. You can also analyze campaign effectiveness by measuring response rates (Opens, Bounce Backs and Unsubscribes).

MailChimp is an email service provider (ESP), which helps marketers send bulk emails to clients, customers, and other interested parties. NEHANET uses MailChimp as the underlying engine to send the campaign out so you can create compelling marketing content, be assured of reliable campaign delivery, and stay in compliance with the latest regulations. This integration with MailChimp delivers a comprehensive solution so NEHANET users can manage and see what content are actually being viewed by their Leads and Customers. To enable the MailChimp integration, get your MailChimp API Key and have the NEHANET Services team enter it in your Organization database.


Contacts in NEHANET are populated on a daily basis by your users. Some are coming in as leads from Trade shows, Industry Conferences, public website, some are your customer engineering and purchasing contacts, while others are your channel partners. No matter what, would you not like to stay in touch with your contacts regularly? Perhaps send targeted messages to your contacts periodically to keep them updated? NEHANET Campaign Manager helps manage your marketing campaigns and communications. These contacts can be categorized into different groups using the system field “Campaign List”. The values for this system field can be configured as per your requirements. The Campaign Manager module downloads all the Campaigns from MailChimp for targeting and scheduling. You can define the intervals between each campaign, defined what contact categories are to be targeted, include any title restrictions. In addition, you can filter contacts using the search criteria available in the contacts module. You can also build dependency between campaigns to handle cases where you need to send out one communication before another. You also have the ability to organize Campaigns into different groups for better organization.


Campaign Template

As a first step, create a Campaign Template appropriate for your business. You can use the templates provided by MailChimp or create your own. Make sure the template is using a responsive design so the email campaign can be viewed in a mobile device as well as a web browser.

Campaign Mailing Lists

The next step is to create mailing Lists in MailChimp. This mailing list can be managed from NEHANET CRM using the live integration. You can add or remove subscribers from the mailing list by searching for contacts in NEHANET CRM and adding or removing them from the mailing lists.

Campaign Email

Once the template and mailing list is created, create the Marketing and/or Product Change Notification content. You can chose to use a separate template for each campaign or use from a common template set.

Populating Mailing Lists and Sending Emails

Populating the MailChimp mailing list from NEHANET is straightforward. You first organize contacts into different categories so you can target your content. One category could be your current Customers so you can periodically send Product Change Notifications (PCN). Another category could be your Channel Partners so you can send them Channel specific information. Another could be prospects or Leads that you would like to keep updated with information need to generate new business. Once the Contacts are organized, you can then search for and add them to the MailChimp mailing list created in the prior step directly from NEHANET. In addition, you can also specify which Campaign Emails can be targeted to which Contact categories in NEHANET. This will help you target the Email Content to the right contacts efficiently.

Once the mailing list is populated, you can schedule the emails to to be sent in MailChimp and wait for the actual mails to be sent.

Measuring Campaign Results

Once a campaign has been sent out, NEHANET automatically downloads campaign response rates (Opens, Bounce Backs and Unsubscribes) so you can measure and optimize your campaign performance. The integration to MailChimp also provides insight into which users opened (read) the campaign email. This information is also updated back in the CRM so you can view what campaigns were sent to a particular contact. In addition, if you have a campaign landing page tied to the email sent, you can see which users actually clicked on a URL link. It is a good idea to include a call to action in the campaign landing page so you can capture the lead.