Call Reports or Trip Reports are an easy to use and provide an immediate improvement to your management process. Please keep the following concepts in mind while writing up your specific requirements for the Call Reports module.

Call Reports are associated with Accounts and can optionally be associated with Opportunities. Multiple Activities (assigned to different people) can be associated with each Call Report. Call Reports can be classified into different types – Phone/In Person are common choices This is a configurable pick list. You can add one or more attendees to the Call Report. These are people who attend the meeting and who are not either a Contact or user in the NEHANET system. In addition, you can pick one or more key contact at the Customer directly related to the Call Report. They must be entered as Contacts in the NEHANET system. You can optionally specify a set of Fields and a Custom Layout for the Call Report module if you choose. This helps in making sure that the information gathered in the Call Reports are structured, complete and consistent. Call Reports can be emailed via automated rules. If you have specific email rules requirements, please specify them in your requirements document and NEHANET Services will configure the system as close as possible to your specific email requirements.