Accounts are one of the pillars of your NEHANET system. Please keep the following concepts in mind.

  • Accounts can be Customers or your Reps and Distributors. This is controlled by the Type of the Account. Valid values for Type are: Direct Customer (Accounts managed Directly), Disti Customer (There is a Disti involved in managing the Account), Rep Customer (There is a Rep involved in managing the Account), Rep, Disti, Contract Manufacturer and Chipset Manufacturer.
  • Accounts can also be categorized into different tiers using the Sub Type field. You can create groups like Strategic or Key Accounts. This will help you model Strategic Account Analysis.
  • All Accounts are associated with an Account Manager, who is one of your HOST company Users or Contacts, typically the Regional Sales Manager (RSM) for that account. If an account is of type Rep Customer or Disti Customer, then you need to specify the associated Rep and/or Distributor. You also have the option of specifying the contact at the Rep or Disti firm who is managing the account for you.
  • Accounts can have both Users and Contacts associated with them. Contacts can be promoted to Users if required.
  • Accounts are tied to leaf level Regions. Regions can be manually entered when the Account is created or set automatically via Region Mapping. Your system can also be set up to autofill the regions if you have provided a region mapping as mentioned earlier.
  • You can create any number of Custom Fields for Accounts. These fields can be arranged in a Custom Layout in the Account Edit page.
  • You can attach documents like NDA, Contract pricing Agreement, etc to the Account record allowing for an easy way to share additional information with your users.


Customer Type drives global information sharing and visibility

NEHANET supports several Customer Types out of the box which serve a key role in sharing and controlling access to information. For examples, customers can be categorized as Direct Customers, Rep Customers or Disti Customers. Partners can be categorized as Reps, Distributors, Contract Manufacturers etc.

If an account is categorized as a Rep Customer, then NEHANET recommends that a Rep be associated with that account (either manually or automatically using the Region Mapping). NEHANET will then restrict access to that account only to that Rep. Similarly, if an Account is categorized as a Disti Customer, associating a Distributor to that Account, restricts the visibility that that Account only to that Distributor.

If an Account is categorized as a Direct Customer, NEHANET recommends that neither a Rep nor a Distributor be assigned to that Account. NEHANET then restricts access to this account to the Account Manager or Team Members for that account. None of the Rep or Disti Users can see this Account.

Export Control

There is a System Field in Accounts called “Export Control”. This is a pick list with two values: “Cleared Party” and “Denied Party”. You can set a default value for this during Account creation and set permissions for this field so only certain roles have access to modify this field. This is useful for identifying which Accounts are cleared for working with restricted parts. Additional Business rules can be added as needed.

Rollout Steps

Please provide a spreadsheet with a large enough subset of your current customer data, so that our Services team can either use that to configure your Accounts module properly and load in your sample data, or review and get back to you for any clarifications. Do also note that NEHANET can import your entire accounts data from Excel, or we can migrate the accounts data directly from the database server underlying your current customer master.

Advanced Considerations

We can set your system up such that you can keep your Custom Master in your ERP, and have it updated in NEHANET automatically every so often. At the same time, you can allow users to create new accounts in NEHANET and keep them separate from the accounts in your customer master. A typical example is that reps will create sample requests for new customers, which typically might not be in the ERP. Therefore the Rep can create a new account, and this account is differentiated from the accounts already in your Customer Master. Please specify in your Requirements document if this is indeed your immediate or long term requirement, and we will keep that in mind during your rollout.


Please do not use Customer name “*Unknown*” in the system. That is a NEHANET reserved word and will not show up in the grid.