Everyone knows what customer service is like; we call it and end up on hold or have to fight through a maze of computer prompts before we get to a human. It often seems like the goal is to make it so hard that we give up. If you are running an electronic component manufacturing company, this is precisely the customer experience you want to make sure never happens to your customers. What your customers say about you can impact your chances of getting involved in new business opportunities because the internet makes it so easy to expose the times your customer service was not so excellent.

What does it take to have world-class Customer Service

Customers use social media and other channels to directly contact other businesses and each other to check out how well you take care of your customers. Customer Service best practices are essential to making sure your customers are singing your praises instead of complaining about how unhappy they are.

Customers today expect to instantly get in contact with a knowledgeable agent who can get their issue resolved quickly and correctly. Besides being able to access information to get answers for customers, a customer service professional’s role extends beyond just answering the phone and sending email answers back. Customers expect:

  • The level of customer service to be consistent across all the access points they use for information. That means you need to be able to access what has happened, what they have already been told, and provide support no matter whether they come into your organization through your salespeople, channel partners, FAEs, executives, or the customer service agent.

  • They do not want to have to restart the issue explanation every time they talk to someone. Your customer support system needs to capture all the customer interactions and present it in an organized way, so the discussion continues from where it left off, not from the beginning, as you work through the issue.

  • They expect to get the right information even if they talk to your reps or distribution salespeople, so the system must be extended across the sales channels, so the engagement is seamless.

  • Your interaction is a personal engagement where you empathize and show concern when there is a problem. You need to take issues seriously, update the status regularly, and track what you have agreed to do carefully, so you are proactive in your discussion instead of just reacting to upset customers.

Studies have shown that you probably were selected to supply products to a company based on your price or the features of your product or service in the past. Still, today the selection process is heavily impacted by your customer’s perception of their overall experience of working with you.

As much as 85% of companies now expect to compete mostly based on customer experience!

Excellent customer experience moves beyond just reacting to problems and dealing with issues. It now involves an effort to anticipate customer problems and try to go beyond reactive relationships with customers. Customer service needs to anticipate what possible problems are, what other products could help the customer solve his concerns, and provide detailed insight into what your customers can expect as the business goes forward.

Other studies have shown that it is as much as six times as costly to find and win a new customer to keep your existing customers by providing a compelling customer experience than working with your company. Lousy customer service is one of the biggest drives of lost customers based on studies by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Making Customer Service a priority for your organization can have a significant impact on your business.

The NEHANET Sales Management solution provides a comprehensive, integrated solution to empower your customer service and sales teams to provide a customer experience that should give you a competitive advantage.

  • Customer, Contact, and Program interactions are captured when you talk with your customers in a unified system to make it easy for everyone who engages with them to know what has happened, what problems they are having, and what they have been told so far about it.

  • Escalations let you define an issue, create a tracking number, and plan to get a resolution. It also tracks what has happened and what your customers are expecting.

  • Activities let you assign tasks to support your customers and get answers to the more complicated questions you might face.

  • Opportunities track all the interactions on a customer project, so FAEs, salespeople, reps, distributors can all see what information has been provided to customer engineering teams. Hence, you stay on top of getting designed in.

  • When you are using the NEHANET Operations solution, you can track orders, shipments, and delivery commitments in a seamless system to get answers about orders and deliveries quickly and accurately.

  • Lead management solutions make sure you follow up on customer engagements that take place from trade shows, website interactions, or general phone interactions so you can get potential customers the information they need quickly. At the same time, the discussion is fresh, and they are open to moving further toward a project engagement.

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