No matter where you are in the company’s management team, you need to be able to make decisions, take actions, and set priorities with an eye constantly on “MAXIMIZING REVENUE AND PROFITABILITY”. With the market constantly changing, competitors driving you crazy team members trying to make their part of the puzzle better, and the board asking questions, you need to have a business management information system that can give you a real-time, accurate, effective set of information that you can depend on and use to make the right choices.


What if you could-

  • Get reports that show you what you want to see and give in analytic insight into where the problems are.

  • Get an accurate forecast of future business that you could depend on.

  • Know what new business opportunities are progressing and which ones have stalled out.

  • Improve margins by having an efficient workflow to handle Quotes, Pricing, Channel Partners, and Operations.

  • Get out of what one person called “managing with spreadsheets from hell”.

  • Have an effective business review format that reflected the data instead of people’s opinions.

  • Track new business opportunities at customers from concept to end of life.

  • Build growth plans based on real customer opportunities.

  • Manage contracts and run rate forecasts effectively.

  • Drive Distributors and Reps instead of hoping they do something.

  • Keep track of goals and KPIs and flag where the team is getting off track.

NEHANET provides your team with a suite of tools to make it easy to manage day to day activities and priorities to maximize revenues and profitability. When you have an integrated business database that all the key team members can access seamlessly that visibly shows what is happening real-time in the business you can drive activities, set priorities, identify problem areas, take corrective actions and make decisions that are data-driven and focused on achieving the best possible revenue and profitability.

NEHANET Corporation is the premier provider of sales, support, and marketing automation solutions and services to the electronic industries. Let NEHANET bring its in-depth domain knowledge and years of experience with industry best practices to your business today.

Experience the NEHANET Difference Risk-Free:

Our Industry-specific solutions come with practices already built-in — making the rollout, adoption, and return to your business much more compelling and obvious. We leverage our domain expertise by offering a 30-day free trial, which is unique in that we configure your system and load in your data at no cost during the free trial period.

NEHANET Enables:

  • Revenue Growth management across customers, channels, product lines, and geographies.

  • Margin Maximization with cost visibility in quoting, planning, and opportunity prioritization.

  • Global Visibility into Opportunities, Samples, Forecasts, Quotes, Accruals, POS no matter what sales channel you are using.

  • Secure Communication with Reps and Distributors with structured data-driven QBRs.

  • End to end data available for complete visibility when making decisions.

  • Sophisticated Analytics and Decision support tools.

  • Seamless integration with your ERP or Financial data systems and with your Distributors.

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