CRM is expensive – you have to pay software licenses AND your people have to spend a lot of time feeding it.

What do you think the ROI is on this investment?

CRM offers a way to set financial outcomes you should be able to achieve with a world class sales process management system and builds a partnership that takes ownership in delivering these financial outcomes. We see customers achieving significant improvements in high-return sales metrics such as –

  • Forecast accuracy and market insight that drives over 12% improvement in cost and reduced inventory
  • Sales productivity that decreases sale closure time and increases the win rate to drive a 2.1X higher growth rate with current staffing
  • Find and capture margin and revenue that you lose through your channel sales partners of over 15%
  • Real time visibility into customer results and AOP performance to identify and help the groups who are falling behind expectations.
  • Know what new products are winning and where marketing programs are delivering results that generate new business

Creating a world class sales process is a team game, and NEHANETs Strategic Partnership Program turns a comprehensive CRM platform into an organization-wide sales growth program — delivering financial results you can depend on with a partner who has ownership in making it all work together to get the job done.

You need to capture the ROI you should from having a high-performance sales program and business management system — you need CRM. But is your CRM smart enough?

Get the ROI you should from your CRM Solution

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